How can I enter holidays in the Sdui timetable?

Updated at July 6th, 2022

To enter your vacation days in the Sdui timetable, click on "More" at the bottom right of Sdui and then on "Administration". In the administration area, click on "Master data" in the menu on the left side and then on the "Holidays" tab:

 Click on "Add vacation". A window opens in which you can create the holidays.

The short name can be a maximum of 7 characters while the holiday name has no limit. The title that appears in the timetable is the name, not the short name.

After you have entered and saved the holidays, click on "Publish changes" in the top left. If you edit holidays later, make sure that you always "publish changes" in this case as well.

The holidays can now be seen in the timetable:

By clicking on one of the green tiles, the full name of the holiday is displayed:

Holidays are displayed in the timetable of all classes, teachers and rooms.

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