How do I change the end date of the school or daycare year?

Updated at November 8th, 2023

To adjust the end date of your current school or daycare year in the Sdui timetable, click on "More" at the bottom right of Sdui and then on the "Administration" tile. The administration area then opens. In the menu on the left, click on “Core data” and then on the “Settings” tab.

By clicking in the input field under “The year ends on...…” a pop-up window with a calendar opens. In this calendar you now select the desired end date and set it using the “Confirm” button. This will take you to it automatically back to the overview of the settings.

To ensure that your changes are actually applied, click “Save” in the overview.

Then click on one of the other tabs in the master data area, such as “Holidays”. Here you click the “Publish timetable” button. With this action, the changes made are finally applied. The end date is now adjusted.

Attention : This procedure is not suitable for determining the period of a new school or daycare year. To do this, you carry out the school or daycare year change.

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