How can I contact my account manager?

Updated at August 2nd, 2021

To contact your account manager, click on "More" in the lower right corner of Sdui and then on "Administration". Under the item "Material" you can reach your contact person by clicking on "Contact".

There are three ways of making contact:

  • First of all, you can look for a solution in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • By clicking on "Contact by e-mail", a new e-mail window will open directly in your mail program, in which you can describe your question or problem.
  • By clicking on "Book a personal callback" you can book a telephone appointment with your contact person, for which you will then be called. A booked telephone appointment has the advantage that a time slot is reserved for you.
  • By clicking on emergency call, the telephone number of your contact person is displayed, under which he / she can be reached.

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