What do I have to consider if I am the only admin to leave the school?

Updated at January 25th, 2022

If you are the only Sdui admin to leave school, the following points should be considered:

  • Who takes on the administrative tasks?
    • If the person administering your school already has an account, do the following:
      Call up the profile of the new admin via the user administration and assign the user role "Administrator" to this account. This will unlock all admin permissions.
    • If a new person without an Sdui account takes over the administration, you would first have to create an account for this person before your own account is deleted. Otherwise nobody can create accounts for your school.
      Call up the profile via the user administration after you have created it and assign the user role "Administrator" to the profile.
      Please do not try to transfer your admin account to the new admin and thus pass on your log-in data. In this case, this person could view your chat history etc.

  • Chat Groups:
    • Make sure the new admin is a member of all relevant chat groups and add him/her as a member if necessary.
      Otherwise, the new admin will not be able to access groups you have created yourself, for example.
    • If you have created chat groups yourself as an admin in which only you are the group admin, activate the new administrator as a group admin of these groups as well. Otherwise the chat can no longer be managed, e.g. opened or closed, video conferences cannot be started and users cannot be added either. Even if you are the only admin of the "Teachers' Room" group, you should appoint a new group admin here.

  • Other points to consider:
    • Provide the admin with the contact details of the account manager responsible for your school. You can find this in the administration area in Sdui under "Material"
    • Inform your account manager about the new contact person at your school
    • Let the new Sdui admin delete your account
    • Make the explanatory videos specifically for the Sdui admin available to the new Sdui You can find these under the following link:

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