How do I set up for parents to report their child sick via Sdui?

Updated at November 12th, 2021

As an admin, you can set which user groups or individual users can report Sdui

If you want to activate an entire user group for the sickness notification function, proceed as follows:
Click on "More" -> "Administration" -> "User roles" at the bottom right of the app. Click on the desired user group, eg "Parents". A window opens on the right-hand side in which you can manage the authorizations of the user group. Activate "Create sick notes" so that the persons of the selected user group receive this authorization.

If you would like to give individual persons and not a whole user group the authorization "Create sick leave", click in Sdui on the menu at the top right (three lines) and then on "User administration". Select the corresponding profile and click on "Authorizations" and activate the corresponding authorization.

If you activate the authorization for parents, they can of course only report their own child sick and have no access to the sick notes of other users.

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