How do I share a link?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

There are two options here. You can share a link either in a chat message, or alternatively as news via the start page.

In both cases, copy the link you want.

1. Share via chat:

Select the “Chats” button in the lower function bar.äger_news_neu.png

You can then click into the relevant group chat or individual chat in the overview of the chats suggested to you.

Suggestion: You can also use the search bar to enter the name of the chat / person to find the relevant chat more quickly.

When you have selected your chat, you can share your link in the text entry field ...

... and send by clicking on the red arrow. This will then be sent to all members who are part of this group.

2. Share via news:

You can call up the function menu of the start area with the “Plus” button in the app's footer.

Then select the option “Write news”.

In the next step you can choose the recipients. A distinction is made between five different areas. These can be individual users, user groups, or a combination of both. When you have selected all recipients, click on "Next" in the header.

In the next step, enter the heading (optional) and the content (mandatory field) and, if you wish, you can also add a file or image as an attachment. Images are displayed between the headline and the content.

In this step, you can insert the link that you would like to share in the text field.

Finally, it is possible to determine whether the recipients should receive a push message and whether a read receipt is required.

The news can then be published using the “Send” button.

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