The sound in the video conference does not work

Updated at August 25th, 2021

To take part in video conferences, we recommend either Google Chrome if you are using a computer or, alternatively, the SDUI Meet app if you are using a mobile device. 

At the beginning of the conference your browser will ask you if you want to allow sound and camera. Please select "Allow" here in both cases if you would like to take part in the conference with sound and images.

1. Your participants cannot hear you:

  • Check that you have not accidentally switched yourself to "mute"
  • Check whether your microphone is correctly displayed in the video conference settings (see picture)
    • You can access these settings via the arrow on the microphone icon.

2. You cannot hear your participants:

  • Make sure your attendees haven't "muted" themselves. This information can be found in the participant's preview image. (see image)
    • A crossed out "microphone" means the participant is switched to "mute".

  • If your microphone cannot be switched, you should check your browser settings to see whether access to your microphone is permitted for Sdui Meet (on the domain The same applies to camera access .

  • Optionally, you can make these settings directly for the website in the browser by clicking on the lock in the URL line. The settings below "Camera", "Microphone" and "Screen sharing" are relevant. If these settings are set to "Ask", you will be asked for access every time the page is opened. You can set it here directly to Allow so that you do not have to approve the access authorization every time.

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