How do I add new members to an existing group?

Updated at October 24th, 2023

Requirement: To add new group members to an existing group, you must be the admin of this group.

First navigate to “My Groups” using the drop-down menu in the header at the top right and select the desired group from the group overview.

At this point you should be able to view the group's member list. Now click on “+ Add Members”.

Here you can find users directly by entering their name in the search bar or by scrolling through the names listed. Multiple users can also be added at the same time.

Note: If you want to add multiple students from the same class, you can enter the class using the search bar. You will then only see students in this class (and the students' parents).

Highlight the members you want by tapping the circle next to their name. Once you have made your selection, you can confirm it with the red arrow in the footer.

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