How can parents and students contact me if the class chat is set to one-way?

Updated at February 21st, 2022

Parents and students have the opportunity to inform you about their concerns via the closed group chat.

A "Call waiting" button is displayed in the corresponding closed chat:

By clicking on this button, you can leave a short message that only you as the group admin can receive and read:

In the group's chat, you will receive a notification that the person would like to contact you or the group:

By clicking on "Open chat" you can deactivate the group's one-way function if the person wants to send a message to the group chat. If the person has asked for an individual chat, you can start it by going back to the chat overview using the arrow in the upper left corner and then clicking on the plus sign to the right of the "Chats" heading.

Note: Members of the group can only knock on a group once within 12 hours.
If there is already an individual chat with the person, this individual chat can also be used to knock on.

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