What is the difference between manual and automatic class transfer?

Updated at February 9th, 2024

Manual promotion
Automatic promotion
No import of a complete user list (Excel/CSV) Import of a complete user list (Excel/CSV)
New users must be created subsequently in the usual way Automatic creation of new users
Graduate classes and individual graduates must be manually marked as such so that they are automatically deleted Graduates are automatically marked as such and automatically deleted
Duplicate accounts cannot be cleaned up Duplicate accounts can be cleaned up
Recommended for primary schools and schools with LDAP connection Recommended for secondary schools
Makes sense if (almost) all pupils in the class are transferred or leave school in the same class Makes sense if there are many individual cases (e.g. pupils who leave school independently of the graduating classes, pupils who repeat the year, pupils who are transferred to another class instead of being moved within the class group, etc.)

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