Can content from the old class group be transferred to the new class group?

Updated at February 9th, 2024

For schools, it is generally intended that all classes start with new and empty class chats after the change of the school year.
The class groups from the old school year are automatically deactivated.

If some class teachers at your school would like to transfer the contents of the group from the old school year (chat messages and files in the cloud) to the new class group, this option can be activated by Sdui. Class teachers can then decide for themselves whether they want to transfer the content to the new class group or whether they want to start with an empty group.

Please contact the customer support responsible for your school before you carry out the change of school year.

The function is generally enabled for vocational schools and daycare centres, as there is usually no transfer here and the content of the previous year is therefore also relevant for the new year.

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