Why are users missing in my course groups or class groups?

Updated at August 2nd, 2021

Missing users in class group: 

If students or parents are missing from your class group, it is probably because no class or the wrong class is linked to the student profile.
The Sdui administrator can use the user administration to check whether a class and, if so, which one is recorded in the student profile and, if necessary, add or change it. The corresponding users will then be automatically added to your class group.

Missing users in the course group:

If students are missing from your course group, it is probably because they have not yet selected a course or have accidentally deselected your course.

When opening their timetable for the first time and whenever the timetable changes, the students are asked to make their choice. Here they are guided through their timetable and determine which classes they are taking and which ones not (e.g. in the case different second languages taught).

They will only be added to the relevant chat groups once the students have completed their course selection.

If a student has not yet made the course selection, a blue banner will appear below their timetable with the request to do the course selection.

If a student has chosen or deselected the wrong course when choosing a course, the Sdui contact person can reset the course selection so that the student can make it again.

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