Where can I create new accounts?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

As the SDUI admin of your school, you have the option of creating new accounts directly from SDUI. You can find this function in the "Administration" area. To do this, go to "More" in the footer of the SDUI app and click on the "Administration" tile.

Then select "Accounts" in the bar on the left. Under "Create accounts" you can create personalized account notes at any time using an Excel or CSV import and download them directly as a PDF or Excel file.

When uploading the file, note the specified format, as shown in the screenshot: Last name, first name, class (for students) / abbreviation (for teachers) and account type (student or teacher). You can download the corresponding sample file for this.

Make sure that the right person is assigned your code. The name is always on the piece of paper with the code on it.

The creation of neutral account slips is also possible here. To do this, go to the "Create neutral accounts" tab.

Here you can create both neutral teacher and student accounts. When a student account is created, an additionally linked parent account is automatically generated. Enter the number of required new accounts in the gray text fields provided and then click on "Create user". You can then download the account slips created as a PDF or Excel file. With this type of user creation, it does not matter which user receives which code. You only have to pay attention to the account type (teacher or student). The name will only be given later, when the account is activated.

Under "History" you can subsequently download all accounts that have been created so far and, alternatively, only the unregistered accounts.

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