What can I do as an admin?

Updated at August 10th, 2021

As an admin you can access all areas of Sdui. You are automatically given all the permissions.

  • Create groups (To create new groups with members.)
  • Manage groups (To manage all previous groups of the school.)
  • Manage content (With this authorisation you can manage all news articles and edit the "More" area.)
  • Post content (With this right you can create and edit news articles for all user groups.)
  • Manage users (To view the user list and editing users and their permissions.)
  • Substitution planning (access to the substitution planner and authorisation to edit substitutions.)


Since you have the authorisation to manage users, it is possible for you to grant rights to other users.

You can also edit the profile of any user. This includes resetting passwords, changing or adding email addresses, and changing initials and names. 

In secondary schools, it is also possible to reset the course selection.

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