As an educator, can I continue to use the old chat groups after the turn of the year?

Updated at September 26th, 2022

After the admin of your institution has carried out the turn of the year in Sdui , new chat groups are created for each daycare group with the ID of the new year (based on the new school year), e.g. “22/23 Blaue Gruppe”.

Since the chat groups from the old year can no longer be used, you must first decide whether you want to take the content from last year's group into the new group or whether you want to start with an empty group.
The first step would be to re-register as group leader ("class teacher" or "co-class teacher") for your groups in your profile for the new year in order to receive the new chat group.

In the second step, call up either the old or the new group. A banner will alert you that a decision must be made before you can use the group:

Decide on one of the two variants (transfer content from the old group to the new one or start with an empty group).

If you have chosen to transfer the content, a new window will open where you can decide which content to transfer (chat history only, cloud files only, or both). If necessary, adjust the group at the top that you want to transfer the content to or from which you want to transfer the content.

The chat group from the old year will be automatically deactivated after your decision.

The procedure is explained in detail in the following video: -take

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