Can I also use Sdui on the computer?

Updated at August 12th, 2021

Yes you can.

1. Open an Internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, ...).

2. Type in the address line.

Here click "Choose school" to find your school in Sdui. This will take you to the following page.

Here you can enter the name of your school, if your school set it up you are also able to find your school using the postcode. 

You will then be taken to your school's login page, which looks like this:

Instead of "Demo International School" in the header, the name of your school should appear. If this is not the case, click on "change" to go back to the previous page in order to find your school. 

This is your school's login page. Please enter your login data to log in.

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