Which firewall settings have to be made for Sdui ?

Updated at August 23rd, 2021

In general, you have the option to Sdui domains used by SDUI or alternatively the IP networks from Sdui in your firewall. We generally recommend the first approach and resolution via DNS in order to be secure for future changes.

Last change: August 11, 2021, 9 p.m.

Sdui used by Sdui:

* .sdui.de For Sdui websites and online services (DE)
* .sdui.app For the Sdui app and online services from Sdui .

IP networks used by Sdui

Sdui app
Sdui Meet

In general, we recommend opening all outgoing TCP ports and all incoming and outgoing UDP ports for the domains mentioned (alternatively for the IP networks mentioned) for smooth operation. This allows Sdui communicate without any problems and possible errors in the firewall configuration are avoided.

Used ports:

Ports based on your own network ( for the named IP networks)

443, 80 / tcp

Ports in and out of your own network ( for the named IP networks)

10000-10050 / udp

Used for the transmission of sound and images between client and server.

Dynamic readout:

Customers whose firewall enables the dynamic readout of firewall rules through a source provided (e.g. text files via HTTP or FTP) are welcome to contact their personal account manager for a suitable configuration.

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