How do I create a new group?

Updated at July 29th, 2021

Go to "My Groups" using the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the header. Then select the option “+ Create group”.

Follow the prompts to name the group.

Note: If you enter the name and a group is suggested to you at this point, it means that you are already member of a group that has a similar name. This is to avoid duplication and confusion with groups.

Then click the red arrow at the bottom on the right. At this point you have to select the members of the new group that you are creating.

Suggestion: If you want to add several students in the same class, you can enter the class directly using the search bar. You will then only see students of this class (and the corresponding parents of the students).

Once your selection has been made, click the red arrow at the bottom on the right again.

In the last step you can check all the information and complete it with a click on "Create group".

You have now created a group, which can be used to distribute news and which has its own cloud folder.

You can add or remove members at any time after creating the group.

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