Can I form work groups via video telephony?

Updated at August 25th, 2021

Currently, Sdui Meet cannot create sub-groups within a video conference into which you can divide your students into working groups.

However, you can start several video conferences at the same time in the Sdui chat and divide your students into the appropriate groups via the chat, e.g.

Working group 1:
Student A
Student B
Pupil C

After you have told the students which groups they have been assigned to, start the corresponding video conference and name the conference for the group accordingly, eg "Working group 1".

You can also use the "Participate" button to take part in the respective conferences to check whether all students have joined the correct conference. If not, you can "kick out" the user in question using the three dots in his video window and point out to him that he belongs to another group. This can then take part in the correct conference via the Sdui chat.

After the working hours have expired, you can rejoin all the conferences one after the other, then close them via the Sdui chat and make sure that all students have left the conference. If not, you can also "kick out" these users manually. Since you closed the conference earlier, no one can join again.

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