Why have I not received a response yet?

Updated at August 13th, 2021

For all of us at Sdui it is very important to listen and understand all of your concern and the suggestions that you might have in order for Sdui to be able to improve further by passing on the information to the developers.

We would like for you to know that none of the requests and messages we receive from you are lost, we just need a lot of time to process and get back to them. However, it is important to understand that there are some requests that are more important that others. We prioritise the messages about a function and comments based on the frequency of inquiries for this issue / function. In short: frequently requested functions are usually implemented more quickly than those that are rarely requested.

Errors and problems are of course given the highest priority, especially those that could potentially be safety related.
At the same time, we are constantly working to implement your wishes and suggestions so that Sdui can support you even better in your day-to-day school life.

We look forward to every request or idea that you share with us, but at the same time we would like to ask for your understanding, as the list of requests is very long and we therefore have to prioritise and organise them first.

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