How can I record and send a voice message via Sdui ?

Updated at February 21st, 2022

Requirement: The "Voice Messages" function must be activated for your school. If you cannot find the function using the path described below, as an admin, please contact the account manager responsible for your school.

Voice messages can be sent in any chat in Sdui . First open a chat in which you want to send a voice message.
The admin of a group can send voice messages at any time, while students and parents or non-admins of the group can only do so when the chat is open.

In the chat you will now find the symbol for the voice messages (microphone) to the right of the chat bar:

To record a voice message, tap the pink button with the microphone symbol once. If necessary, agree that Sdui may access the microphone of your device. Now say the message.

After recording your voice message, click the "Stop" icon (pink square):

To listen to the voice message again before sending it, tap the "Play" icon (triangle).
To send the message, click the send icon (paper airplane).
To delete the voice message, click the delete icon (trash can) and repeat the process if necessary to record a new voice message.

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