How can I report a student sick through Sdui?

Updated at January 4th, 2022

Since the "sick notifications" function is an additional function, the prerequisite for being Sdui sick is that your school uses this function.

If your school uses the function and your account has the appropriate authorization, click on the plus sign in the app's footer and then on "Send sick report":

In the list that now appears, you as an admin with the authorization "Manage sick leave" will be shown all students. Select a child that you would like to report sick and the corresponding period:

After you have sent the sick note, it is recorded in the overview under the "sick note" tile in the "More" area.

If your school also Sdui digital class register, the pupil will also be marked as sick in the digital class register for the specified period, so that the class or subject teacher can see there directly that the pupil has been reported sick .

If your school does not use the digital class register, the class teacher with the authorization "View sickness reports" can see which children in their class (es) are sick via the area "More" -> "Illness reports". Course teachers, however, would have to be informed by the class teacher or, for example, the secretary's office, which children do not show up for class, as they cannot see Sdui

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