How can I report my child to sick leave via Sdui?

Updated at October 19th, 2021

Since the "sick notifications" function is an additional function, the prerequisite for being able to report your child in Sdui sick is that your school uses this function.

If your school uses the function and you Sdui your child in sick via Sdui, you will see a large plus sign in the center of the app's footer:

In addition, the "Sick reports" tile is displayed under "More".

To enter a sick note, click on the plus button described above and then on "Send sick note".
Your linked children are displayed in the list that now appears. Select a child that you would like to report sick and the appropriate period.

After you have sent the sick note, the school or the secretariat will receive it and can pass the information on to the class teacher.

You will receive a push notification when your sick note has been read or registered by the school.

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