How do I generate a new group access code? / How do I deactivate an old group access code?

Updated at July 22nd, 2021

You can generate a new entry code, for example, if the previous code has fallen into the wrong hands and you do not want undesired members to join your group.

You are able to generate new group access codes to prevent undesired people joining your groups, for example if a previous access code gets into the hands of wrong people.

To do this, go to "My groups" via the drop-down menu in the header at the top right. Tap on the desired group from the group overview.

At this point you should be able to see a list with all the group's members. Here, select the "Settings" tab.

Click on the “Membership Code” menu, which enables you to copy and share the code or generate a new code. If a new code is generated the previous code becomes invalid. All users that are already members of this group are maintained.

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