Why can't I see the membership list of the "All" group?

Updated at July 30th, 2021

For the "All" group, nobody is set as the group administrator by default.

This also means that the Sdui admin (who has received all permissions from Sdui) will see the following in the member overview of the group "All":

Only the group admin can view the member list.

This is independent of the settings for the Sdui admin or the contact person from Sdui.

The reason for this is that the member list would be a pure duplication of the user list in the administration panel, where all the Sdui users of the school are displayed.

Only the group admin can write a message in the chat or open the conversation.

Please contact your personal contact person from Sdui if you are the Sui admin for your school and you would like to become the admin of the "All" group.

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