What is a drop-off folder?

Updated at November 7th, 2022

The drop-off folder offers the option of, for example, collecting edited exercise sheets or submitting signed letters from parents. Only the group admin (usually the teacher) can see all uploaded files in a drop-off folder. The student / parent only sees the file that they uploaded themselves.

The relevant teacher can see when and by which student the file was uploaded.

Please note: The unprocessed assignments / letters from parents would have to be uploaded to an open folder or into the chat so that all students have access to these files. If you share the file in the drop-off folder, the students / parents will not see this file as only the person who uploaded it can see the file.

The delivery folder can be recognized by the arrow in the folder symbol.

NOTE: Unlike the regular cloud folder , students can upload files to the drop-off folder at any time, regardless of whether the associated chat is open.

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