Which network settings / firewall have to be made for SDUI?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

In schools whose network has increased security, sometimes our ports and domains have to be specifically released. Please enable the following IPs (resolution via DNS) and ports in the network firewall in order to be able to use the services of SDUI without restriction.

For the Sdui app and the Sdui desktop plug-in:

Domains: sdui.de , cloud.sdui.de, timetable.sdui.de, api.sdui.de, app.sdui.de, beta.app.sdui.de, sdui.app
Last change: February 2021

80 / tcp http
443 / tcp https

For SDUI video conferencing, the following ports must also be activated in the network firewall:

Domains: call.sdui.de
Last change: February 2021

80 / tcp Web UI over HTTP
443 / tcp Web UI over HTTPS
4443: 4493 / tcp RTP media over TCP
10000: 10050 / udp RTP media over UDP

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