How do I reset someone else's password?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

If a user has forgotten their personal login data, call up the data subject's profile via the user administration. You can find the user administration in the drop-down menu in the header at the top right. Then search for the person there using the search bar.

Tap on the tile to open the profile. You now have two options here.

1. You set a new password for the person.

To do this, click on the "Change" button in the Password line.

Please note that you must first enter your own Sdui password. This is a security measure that we have implemented at this point to protect against misuse.

After you have entered your own Sdui password, you can now set a new password for the person concerned. There are two options here. Either you choose the new password for the person, or alternatively you can have Sdui generate a new password. To do this, click on "Generate password". The following window opens.

You can now copy this data and, for example, forward it to the person by email.

After the person has successfully logged in, the password can be changed directly in their own profile.

In addition to the password, it is possible that the person no longer knows the user name or e-mail address. You can also find this in the person's profile.

2. You save an email address for the person

Either the person has not yet saved an email address or they have forgotten which one was saved. Here you can easily set a new address that the person will give you. To do this, click on the pen in the line with "E-Mail".

You need to enter your own sdui password first. This is a security measure that we have implemented at this point to protect against misuse. Enter the new e-mail address in the pop-up window and then click on "Save".

Note: Each email address can only be used once per Sdui school. An email can not be linked to two different accounts at the same school . So if you get an error message here, it means that this address is already in use with another account.

As soon as you have successfully entered an email address, the person can reset the password independently.

Simply click on "Forgot your password?" On the login page. Type and follow the instructions.

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