What can I do as an admin?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

As an admin you can access all areas of Sdui. You automatically have all permissions.


  • Create groups (To create new groups with members.)
  • Manage groups (To manage all previous groups at the school.)
  • Manage content (With this authorization you can manage all news articles and edit the More area.)
  • Post content (To create and edit news articles for user groups.)
  • Manage users (For viewing the user list and editing users and their permissions.)
  • Substitution planning (access to the substitution planner and authorization to edit substitutions.)


Since you have the authorization to manage users , it is possible for you to grant authorizations to other users.

You can also edit the profile of any user. This includes resetting passwords, changing or adding e-mail addresses, and changing abbreviations and names. 

In secondary schools, it is also possible to reset the course selection.

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