What do the individual authorizations mean?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

Create groups: With this right, Sdui users can create groups or start individual chats, but only within their own user group (e.g. teachers with teachers, parents with parents).

Manage groups: This is the higher-level right. With this right, teachers can create groups, start individual chats and also manage all groups in which they are a member (deactivate, archive, allow leaving, grant admin authorization for the group).

Manage content: This is the higher-level right and relates to the start page / news creation . With this right, the SDUI user can write to all global groups in SDUI News (e.g. to the group "All", "All parents", "All students"). In addition, news articles that have been shared by others can be edited or deleted afterwards.

Post content: With this right, the user can write news to various user groups via the red plus in the footer bar. Parents and students do not have this right, which means that they do not see the red plus at all. With this right, users can only subsequently change the posts that they have shared themselves.

Manage users: With this right, you enable user management (in the header drop-down menu). This means that profile changes can be made here for every Sdui user.

Timetable planner: This refers to our own SDUI timetable. This right is of no further interest to anyone who uses other timetable programs (DaVinci, UNTIS, etc.). However, if you use our SDUI timetable, you can, for example, release this right for the timetable planner so that they can also access the timetable.


Sdui has set the rights "Manage groups" and "Post content" for teachers by default.

By default, Sdui does not set any of these rights for parents and students.

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