Can accounts for school beginners be created before the school year changes?

Updated at August 2nd, 2021

You can already give out Sdui accounts to your future students and their parents.

To do this, only the following points have to be considered:  

Be sure to create personalised accounts:
So that your new students are not synchronised to the existing class groups, it is important that you create personalised accounts. In the case of personalised accounts, the class is already saved and is therefore not chosen by the students and parents themselves in the registration process.
We also advise you to point out to the new students and parents to not change the class when registering.

How do you create the new accounts:
In the user list that you upload to create the accounts, enter the first and last name of the new students and the desired class name that you would like to assign to the new class.

1. When using our own Sdui class planner :

When the list is uploaded, the new class is automatically created and assigned to the students.
You can name this class, for example, “newcomers to school”, “class 0” or, for secondary schools, for example “4a” or “new 5a”. It is important that the class is not just called "0", because Sdui does not recognise this name.
In this way you can prevent the new students from accidentally ending up in the current class 1 or class 5, for example.

2. If another lesson planning tool is used (e.g. Untis, DaVinci, etc.):

Before you can create new accounts, the new "placeholder" classes must first be created in the lesson planning software. This new timetable must be synchronised with Sdui so that these classes also exist in Sdui.

NOTE: The class designation in the lesson planning software must exactly match the designation in the Excel / CSV file that is used to create the account. Only this way students can be assigned to their correct classes.

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