What do I have to consider when evaluating absences?

Updated at January 17th, 2022

In order for the class teacher to receive a reliable evaluation of the absenteeism of your students, it would be important for you to consider the following points and check them before the evaluation:

  • Please check whether all students who were excused are also stored as "excused" in the digital class register.
    If the students are only marked as "Absent" or " Sdui ", they automatically count as unexcused in the evaluation because they were not actively excused in Sdui.
  • Please check whether all absences have been entered correctly.
    For example, it can happen that a student is only registered as absent from the second period onwards, even though he/she was absent all day. This indicates that the teacher does not enter the students as absent in the first lesson or does not check or confirm the absences/attendances.
  • Please check the absences for duplicates.
    Absences that are further back can exist twice. These would then be counted twice in the evaluation. At this point in time, a student can no longer be registered as absent twice.
  • Please check whether all students are correctly assigned to their courses.

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