Not all students are shown in my course. Why is that?

Updated at September 17th, 2021

When a new timetable is uploaded or entered in Sdui, each student will be asked to choose the course when he / she calls up his / her timetable for the first time.
When choosing a course, the students are guided through their timetable and must indicate which subjects they have taken and which they have not.
Only when a student has chosen a course is he or she officially a member of the course.

If not all students are fully displayed in the digital class register of your course, the missing students have not yet made their choice of course.

So that you can still reliably enter comments and absences for these students, you can add them to your course manually:

First click on the tile of the relevant course in the timetable. Then click on the pink button "Unconfirmed absence". 

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