How do I register other teachers as class teachers / co-class teachers?

Updated at August 10th, 2021

Open the profile of the person you would like to make these changes for via the user administration. You can find this in the drop-down menu in the header at the top right. Then find the person using the search bar.

Click on the name to open the profile.

NOTE: You can only save the teacher as a class teacher or co-class teacher if this person has already added initials in the Sdui app. For help, look at the linked FAQ article "How do I change initials of teachers".

Scroll down to the bottom of their profile.

Here you can enter the setting as a class teacher or co-class teacher.

NOTE: There can only be one class teacher in Sdui, but there can be more than one co-class teacher.

Based on this data, the teacher is automatically synchronised to the corresponding class and parent group.

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