How do I upload my homework / parental letter in Sdui?

Updated at March 31st, 2021

There is a special "submission folder" in Sdui for uploading completed homework / completed letters from parents. Only the group admin (usually the teacher) can see all uploaded files in a drop-off folder. The student / parent only sees the file that they uploaded themselves.

The respective teacher can see when and by which member the file was uploaded.

Open the Sdui Cloud. You can find this in the footer under "More".

Now click on the "Cloud" tile.

From the overview, select the group in which the homework / parental letter should be uploaded. Next, select the folder you want the file to be uploaded to.

NOTE: The delivery folder can be recognized by the arrow in the folder symbol.

Files can now be uploaded in the delivery folder.

Now click on the plus at the top right so that the following appears:

Select "Upload file". The following window is displayed.

You now also have the option of sending a push notification when the file is uploaded. The teacher receives a notification that a file has been uploaded.

When you have everything selected, select "Upload files".

The teacher now has access to the uploaded homework / completed parenting letter.

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