General information about the school year change in Sdui

Updated at November 17th, 2022

What happens when the school year changes in Sdui?
Your students will be assigned to their new classes for the following school year.
New class and course groups are created for the new school year.

Where can I change the school year in Sdui?
The function can be found in the area for administrators in the menu bar on the left.

When can I change the school year in Sdui?
The school year change will be activated towards the end of the school year.

How can I change the school year in Sdui?
There are two ways to do this in Sdui:

  1. Manual change of the school year (recommended for primary schools):
    You can upgrade all grades with one click. In the respective classes you can mark individual students as exceptions, e.g. if the class is repeated or if there are changes to a parallel class, etc.
  2. Automatic school year change (recommended for secondary schools):
    With the automatic school year change, you upload a user list in Sdui (similar to the one for creating new users). Sdui compares the class assignment of your students in the list with the one in Sdui and thus all students receive their new class assignment for the new school year.

Why does the school year change in Sdui have to be carried out?
Please do not create your class groups for the new school year manually and do not change the classes of your students manually via the user administration. In this case, the students whose class was changed would be synchronised to the existing class group from the 2021/2022 school year. Specifically, this means that if you assign the student Hannah Smith (class 1A) to class 2A via the user administration, she is automatically synchronised to the existing class group of 2a from this school year and can see all the content and messages.

Extracurricular institutions, such as clubs, sport schools, etc. do not necessarily have to change the school year. However, if it is the case, please get in touch with your personal contact from Sdui, as some settings would also have to be applied in this case.

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